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Charity: Water Raises Funds and Informs4
Date:2011-11-20    Views:6048

Around the world there are currently one billion people without clean water to drink.BostonCollegeCharity: water is a new campaign on campus aiming to inform people about the global water crisis and raise money to build a well inEthiopia. At World Youth Day inMadridlast year, Kimmi Vo, CSOM '14, participated on a seven-day hike from Loyola to Javier. While walking with the group, she was given water three times a day, but the extensive heat and rugged terrain led many on her trip to experience severe dehydration and heatstroke.


'For the first time I experienced what it was really like to be that thirsty – it's something no one should have to go through,' Vo said. 'When I found out that one in eight people don't have clean water, I knew I wanted to do something. 'Millions of people, mainly women and children, in developing countries walk up to three hours a day to get water. The water they gather often comes from swamps, ponds, or rivers that are highly contaminated. 'I can't imagine what it is like to not have enough water and on top of that the only water you can get being dirty,' Vo said. With a group of other passionate students, Vo is bringing the mission of the organization, Charity: water, to BC. The nonprofit company aims to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. One hundred percent of donations go directly to funding water projects. This enabled Charity: water to provide clean water to over two million people in 19 countries since it was founded five years ago, but there are still millions without. 'The majority of us at BC have never known what it is really like to be thirsty,' Vo said. 'Here we can simply turn on the sink or grab a bottle of water; so many of us take for granted having an abundance of water that is clean and easily accessible.'


The lack of water negatively impacts more than just thirst; it negatively impacts education, health, poverty and all areas of a community. Not only can the water make a population sick, but the time many people in these countries could spend taking care of their kids, getting an education, or earning an income is instead spent gathering water. After they've spent so much time gathering the water, it is usually filled with germs that can cause many illnesses. Because there are no other options they have to drink the contaminated water and feed it to the children who are most susceptible to these germs. Each day about 4,000 babies die from being consuming dirty water, and about 1.5 million children die a year from water- related illness.

It is estimated that last year alone, people spent 40 billion hours gathering water. 'The amount of other things that could be accomplished with that time is incredible to think about. Providing everyone with clean water can literally change the world,' Vo said.


The main goal of Boston College Charity: water is to inform students about the global water crisis, get them involved in the efforts, and fundraise enough money to build a water well inEthiopia. Working with the help of Campus Ministry they are aiming to raise at least $5,000.

'If half of the school donated a couple of dollars we could accomplish this easily,' Vo said. 'It's as simple as skipping a latte or some other treat for one day. This is what BC is all about; setting the world a flame and making a difference. We can make a difference.'6